West Africa Region

Name of the Country : BENIN – CAMEROON

Number of Communities : 7 COMMUNITY

Year of Establishment of the first Mission 

- 1986: Benin
- 2002; Cameroon

Type of Apostolates

- Health ministry
- Social ministry
- Pastoral ministry
- Educational Ministry

Short history and mission activities

There is an Olympic lamp shape in the map of Africa, which is Benin. “Beni’ which means a land of blessing. But once it was a land, where people were enslaved and taken to different parts of European and American Continents.

As Pope Leo XII said “Oh, country let your own sons and daughters be the evangelizers of your people”. To make these words true, the Bishop of Port-Novo, Monseigneur Vincent MENSHA had invited our congregation, knowing fully well that we lance where others hesitate to step in. Our Congregation has stepped in to Benin precisely at Porto-Novo for the foundation of the local congregation SARC. So the seed of SMMI was planted in this country on Friday 18 July 1986.

The pioneers Sr Myriam Christine (Superior), Sr Mary Aniceta (Formation mistress of would be founding local congregation SARC and the future first mistress of SMMI in Benin) and Sr Marie Therese the nurse started the dispensary of Porto-Novo in 1986 and worked till the end of her life at Cotonou as well as at Porto-Novo.

The Main Apostolates

Health Ministry: The dispensaries were opened: at Porto-Novo in1987, at Ina in 2003, in Cameroun at Ndjock-Nkong in 2002, at Parakou in 2005 and and at Leboudi in 2010. Mobile Clinique for the prisoner at Porto-Novo in 2001.

Educational Ministry: Started Nursery School in Cameroun at Ndjock- Nkong in 2003, at Parakou Nursery and Primary School in 2014.

Social Ministry: Boarding for the primary school Children in Benin at Porto-Novo in October1986, Hostel for the High School girls at Parakou in 2004, at Ina in 2012 and the Centre for the handicapped at Ina in 2009.

Pastoral Ministry: Catechism, Distribution of the communion for the sick. Sacristy of the Parish in each mission. Apostolic Movement of the children of Benin (MADB) Choral of the Parish at Parakou. Sisters
accompany the DSFS group too.

The Main Events

  • The community of Porto-Novo Started on 18 th July 1986.Three Sisters moved to the formation House of SARC in 1991 and their first batch of three novices made their 1 st Profession on 25 March 1994.
  • On 10 th Dec 1991Benin was named as Region and Sr Anne Augustine being its 1 st Regional. She completed her Regional ship in two terms;
  • Sisters were sent to Rome for Formators course (Sr Mary Aniceta) and Theological studies (Sr Nirmala Jyothi and Sr Margaret Joy). Return to the source (Sr Philomena, SrJosy Joseph and Sr Dipti Fracisca).
  • In 1997, there was a opening of the new community at Parakou, first in a rented house and in 2001 in the newly constructed one.
  • In 1999, the consecration of the first group of the DSFS(3) and adhesion of a priest to PSFS in the presence of Father Francis CORRIGAN, being the spiritual director of the Society.
  • In 2002 the community of Ndjock-Nkong in Cameroun with the 3 pioneers.
  • In 2004 Sr Mary Aniceta was named as the 2 nd Regional
  • In 2009 Sr Aniceta was elected as the General Councilor and Sr Margaret Joy was appointed as the 3 rd Regional.
  • On 24 January 2011, the two countries of Cameroun joined the region of Benin with the name of Region “WEST AFRICA”.
  • The admission of the local candidates to the congregation and the first Profession of a (1) Novice on the 15 th October 2008, in 2010 (2), in 2011 (2), in 2012 (2), in 2013(1) and in2017 (3) in 2019 (1)
  • On 23 rd July 2014 Sr Nirmala Jyothi became the Regional of WEST AFRICA Region.
  • The arrival of Sisters from different Provinces: Like Nagpur, Karnataka, Tanjore, Salem, Madagascar and Bangladesh. Sisters of five nationalities live in this Region (French, Indian, Malagasy, Bangladeshi, and Beninese.
  • On 7 th May 2015 Sr Marie Therese Françoise de la Sainte Trinity the pioneer of the Benin Mission went for her Eternal reward and her mortals remain in the novitiate at Ina
  • In January and in February 2018 the Sisters of the Region were sent on “AD EXTRA”! (Sr Emma to Madagascar and Sr Gracia to France)
  • In 2015 one candidate from West Africa Region was sent to Philippines for the formation.
  • First Benin sister SMMI did the Tertianship in Kengeri and made her final profession on 8 th December 2016.
  • In 2020 the first group of students from our School passed with 100percent result the CEP.
  • In 2019 our Congregation got registered in the Country Benin as well as Cameroun.
  • On 30 th November Opening of the new community in Avrankou.

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